Hi, I'm Bunjy! I created Weird Biology as a side project to weaponize my backlog of useless but cool animal facts. I'm a full time student and I moonlight as a humor writer and internet goldfish. 

Please stand by while I give you an earful about my content. Remember, you asked for this!

The very first Weird Biology article appeared on my Tumblr in June 2017. These early articles were more of an experiment than anything, and were... um.  Let's be kind to my pride and just call it "unpolished".

In the months following, I honed my writing skills, sense of humor, and article format to produce the standardish  900-word articles you see today. Because Tumblr is a limited platform in many respects, (I say this sternly but lovingly) I decided to move Weird Biology to an outside source where it would be accessible to more people. (and preserved for ALL ETERNITY.)

For this reason, these Weird Biology articles have been edited from their original formats because I really don't want to get sued. For this reason, not all of my older super image-heavy articles made it over. All images used now are public domain and labeled for reuse. (PLEASE DO NOT SUE ME.)

All that aside, I hope you enjoy this website! I do run a minor ad presence, though I try to keep them unobtrusive and inoffensive. (It keeps the site's lights on, c'mon. The articles get skittish when it's dark.)

Where will Weird Biology go from here? Well, who knows. But I'm keeping my options open.

If you have a site issue to bring to my attention, you can contact me here:


Thanks! Happy reading!

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(PBS, PLEASE do not sue me.)