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Hello and welcome to a new episode of Weird Biology! It’s time once again to talk about another of the strange animals found on this, our wonderful planet. Today, we’ll be learning about a creature that spends its life hopping from tree to tree with the greatest of ease: it’s the daring and dashing

(Eesh, it’s like if Saladfingers was a frog.)

Now, you may be asking: ‘Bunjy, why are you showing me this simple frog? He looks like he has just finished toiling in the rustic frog fields to feed his humble frog family. I thought we were here to learn about cool animals! I am disgusted.’ And if so, you’re wrong, so shut up. This is no humble frog, my friends. It’s right there in the name: THIS FROG FREAKING FLIES. (Say that five times fast.)


The Flying Frog lives mainly in Indonesia. And as the name suggests, they spend a lot of time catapulting themselves from tree to tree like a bunch of those novelty sticky hand toys you used to buy from rest stop coin machines. You know the ones. (If you’ve never beaten a sibling in the face with one of those, you’re lying.)

The Flying Frog will rarely if ever touch the ground, because that’s where gross peasants like humans and regular frogs live. Too bad that attitude can’t save them from the tree snakes, their main predator! If a tree snake spots a Flying Frog and lands a hit before the frog can take flight, it’s curtains, buster.

That’s all for today, but we’ll take a final lesson from our friend the Flying Frog: solve all your problems by recklessly catapulting yourself away from them. Unless your problems are tree snakes.


1. Rushen, Flickr

2. Kalus Rassinger, Wikimedia Commons

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